A kitchen that’s easy on the pocket and loaded with flavors!

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Excuisite food, unforgettable atmosphere...

Welcome to our appetizing world that’s infused with delectable food, friendly service, and a view that makes you savor the experience to the fullest!

Committed to run a kitchen sautéed with premium ingredients and love!

Seeking refuge where peace resides? Escape the township hustle and bustle and head for a dose of calm with a wholesome menu driven by local produce and superb customer service. At Freq Café, we strive to offer you an ambiance where you can relax over a hot brewing cup of coffee, or perhaps dig into the lip-smacking meal.
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A Lush Atmosphere and Delectable Palate!

At Freq Café, we pride ourselves on our finest quality food, and being able to deliver what we believe is healthy and satisfying both for your belly and heart! Relish our all-day breakfast, hearty lunches, freshly squeezed juices, in-house roasted coffee, estate teas with love and sweetness.
We aim to bring the best of café culture at the foot of the hills. Our team extends the same care and imagination to each plate as it does to your service making it worth the stop. Find us serving it large, whether it’s all things brunch or specialty drinks 7 days a week.

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